Welcome to E-Farmer Solution

Hi.. We are E-Farmer Solution, an Public Limited organization and as our tagline 'Krishi Vikas Kalyan' gives you an idea that we work for the welfare of farmers i.e. Kisan; as we say in our national language. Along with that, we recruit the human resource from the different places to make our reach to every bits and cranny possible where we could connect with the farmers to support them in every manner possible.

Our project is to establish the connections to the most remote areas where the facilities for farming are not available and the farmers have to run towards the city each time they need seeds, fertilizer, and pesticides. The proper guidance by our executives for the use of products by which the soil quality is maintained for years to come, so that the future generations of the farmer family sustains and get financially stable.


AGRICULTURE is a science, art, practice and business of cultivating soil, producing crops, and raising livestock; farming. The history of agriculture dates back thousands of years, and its development has been driven and defined by greatly different climates, cultures, and technologies. However, all farming generally relies on techniques to expand and maintain the lands suitable for raising domesticated species. Agriculture is the only culture on the earth which doesn’t have an alternative. There was a major breakthrough in agriculture production in the begining of 20th century with the introduction of draft high fielding varieties and innovation of hybrids. Since last decade in many of the crops the yields are stagnated and need high thorough input to maintain sustainability. Agriculture production is not cop off with world population increase. This emphasizes maximization of production per unit area through multiple cropping, appropriate technologies and precision farming which ensures world food/nutrition security.


We consider concept of improving farms rather than improving pharmacies. This concentrating on providing enlarge information on agriculture and timely updating of new technologies which will helps agricops to cop off food production in accordance with world population growth. E-FARMER SOLUTION can be easily reached through the Map of India placed on the Home page. Farmers will also be able to ask specific queries as well as give valuable feedback through the Feedback module specially developed for the purpose.